Kinetico Quality Water Tucson review summary

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5on ReachLocal, Feb 14, 2018
I love kinetico. Used this company and product in my former rural home. Had whole house and under the sink filtration system. It was no fail and produced perfect water. I knew when I move to Tucson that I would be installing the filtration system under the sink for drinking water at a minimum. Rep Michael Rogers was easy to work with and always reachable via phone. Service tech was excellent, came on time, quick and professional. Took time to explain the system to me. There are other systems, but if you want the best, get kinetico. more »
5on ReachLocal, Feb 13, 2018
The water was awful when we moved into our new home. The chlorine smell and taste was over bearing and it actually burned my daughter’s sensitive skin. Our summer house is in Montana came with another big name softener. The one you see on TV down here. We thought we were happy until we saw Kinetico, but as soon as Michael explained the system and the benefits we knew what we wanted. Our system back home didn’t come close, and we now have Kinetico there too. For a house of two, we have only add salt every six months. Probably one of the best decisions we have made for both our homes. more »
5on ReachLocal, Feb 12, 2018
Top notch company more »
5on ReachLocal, Nov 15, 2017
Brian Van Sickle just completed scheduled service. On time, friendly, thorough, efficient, competent. Much appreciated.

FWIW...I've had multiple Kinetico systems in residential a
pplications for more than twenty years -- softeners and RO. (K5/wow units) They've all been excellent. If buying new today, I'd still give them priority #1. They're expensive but they hold up their end of the bargain. Reliability and convenience-wise, they're the absolute best IMHO. more »
5on ReachLocal, Jun 01, 2017
Brian Van Sickle just completed our first system maintenance check. We have never had this home water system. Between the awesome taste of the processed water and the excellent servicing, we definitely would recommend the system and the service! more »
5on ReachLocal, May 23, 2017
Kinetico Tucson was very helpful. Staff was helpful and knowledgeable and answered all my questions. more »